Frankencycle Australia Pty Ltd

Frankencycle the business

Eclectic Electric Cycles

 A business to support e-bike users and builders.

Newly relocated to 1259 Glenhuntley Road Carnegie Victoria, Public access to the Frankencycle workshop is gained via Maroona rd, where a short stretch of laneway, behind the corner Celebrations bottleshop, leads to the Frankencyle workshop.


A brief video giving an insight into what we do and why we do it:


Frankencycle aims to provide the services and capabilities of a fully functional, electric bike oriented bicycle workshop.

At Frankencycle, we:

build and refurbish bicycles, including sourcing new and used bicycle  parts.

 – sell serviced and rebuilt bicycles

–  sell Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

–  build and sell e-bikes (using the kits we make and bicycles we build and upgrade).

– sell both bicycle components and E-bike specific components.

–  provide maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting of e-bikes, both from the workshop, and through pre-booked house and workplace calls.

At Frankencycle, we are constantly looking for ways of implementing and improving e-bike functionality and robustness for as hassle-free ownership and use as possible.

We believe a good e-bike conversion can turn an OK bicycle into a vehicle that inspires confidence, and can carry you home. A well and purpose built electric bicycle should be a vehicle that is a joy to ride.


At any given hour of the day, this site may be undergoing revision.

Feel free to explore, check out the blog, intermittently updated, and have a look at some of the ideas and practicalities behind what we do, accessible through the Menu under the banner picture at the top of any page.

Contact Details

Chief Mechanic –  Joe Zolin

Business Name – Frankencycle Australia Pty Ltd

ABN: 71 161 877 407

Contact Phone or SMS: 041 959 3337

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8 thoughts on “Frankencycle Australia Pty Ltd

    • Heya Ben!
      I saw my first fat tyred bike about a month ago… they are awesome n with their wide dropouts would be perfect for a kick-ass motor…

      Re snow-e-bikes, check out this one from a member of endlesssphere forums:

      Iperov from endless-sphere forums snowbike

    • Hey Peter,

      I’ve sent you an e-mail as well as commenting below…

      Need a front wheel 700c kit for a Trek Belleville.

      First up, what an awesome looking bike😀 Absolutely stunning for conversion too… nice one.

      Yes, I do have 700c kits for front wheel.

      I have two types of kits, one based on a light weight, geared mini hubmotor capable of up to 750watts, and the other based on a heavier direct drive hubmotor, capable of 250w through to 1.5 kw.

      I currently have one front wheel conversion “in service”, mini hubmotor on an avanti road bike, and my “ride of choice” is a 700c vintage build with a rear wheel conversion using a mini geared hubmotor.

      The main difference between the two kits is the weight, and their maximum power and speed potential.

      If you are looking for a legally compliant e-bike, running at 250watts and pushing up to 25 km/h, then the geared hubmotor is the recommended choice, and there is still upgrade potential through to 750 watts and higher top speeds around the mid 35km/h range.

      I am currently building rear conversions using these geared mini motors based on vintage 1970s – 1980s steel road bikes. They match really well.
      the larger motors are better suited to heavier bikes, in my opinion, particularly in a front wheel configuration, and tend to recommend if you are going for the heavier higher power wheel, that a rear wheel conversion is better than front. There are enough higher powered front wheel drive electric bikes out there with more than happy riders, so my personal opinion is ultimately irrelevant🙂

      Oh yeah, prices…

      Basic kits are $300.
      that’s for a basic kit, no battery, but includes:

      hub motor laced into 700c wheel (with Rim tape, Tube, Tyre…(complete ready to roll wheel motor))
      Controller (Standard, tested matched controller)
      Controller mounting hardware
      Thumb throttle (handlebar mounted speed control)
      Left and right e-brakes (cable brake levers with micro switch that cut power to the motor when activated)
      Main power switch and fuse

      Everything needed without battery to convert a bicycle.

      I also sell chargers and batteries, ranging from base capacity Lithium cobalt through to hi power packs for 2+kw e-bike monsters.

      A base battery for a legal 250w 25km/h e-bike with a “no-pedal” range of around 20km costs $300.

      Prices vary depending on the capacity of the batteries which I have from 10 to 25ah in a range of voltages from 24v thru to 48v.

      Total conversion (you bring the bike in as pedal-powered only, I wheel the bike out as electrified + pedal), $700. The bike gets serviced as part of the conversion😀

      “Total conversion” includes battery, NOTE some conversions are different than others and may present challenges that cost a bit more to resolve. Those I discuss prior to converting in finer detail.

      Feel free to Drop me an email or call me on 041959 3337 if you have more questions, and I always have test bikes to ride so you can get a feel for what you might be buying.


  1. Hi Joe,

    I’m looking to get an ebike that’s going to get me up around the 60km speed range and cover around the 40 km range. I’m trying to do this on the cheap but obviously don’t want to compromise safety.

    My limit would be around the $5000 mark and I have been looking at 2nd hand stealth bombers 2011 or alike.

    If you think you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

    I live in Melbourne, I’m sorry I haven’t looked up where you are except you are in Australia.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hey Lucas

      I am in Melbourne so that is a good start😀

      I built a bike with similar performance to your specs recently for around $3000

      that bike had/has a top speed of 50 km/hr and a range of 50 km plus.

      I have other gear which can get you up to the 60km/hr mark with the required range, and have confidence that I can build what you need with a $5000 budget.

      Give me a call (number is in contacts page) and I’m sure I can help


  2. Joe (19 Nov. 2015) Just had contact with Running Boards/ ” BIKE BOARDS” TM been trialling these in Melbourne 1st Project C.S.I.R.O Fed Square; v. effective… have only been going with these 10 months, i.e. since Feb., 2015 (since 1990s clunky Vespas) May require electrification; have contact (s) and email in Eastern suburbs and confirmed expansion (19/11/2015) to uni campii promo’s 2016! May like to check out their coupling/trailer-sign system. Could you be interested in electrifying these mobile Bicycle billboards? Hope this again is not to impertinent. Happy house warming… M. Dom. Davison.

  3. Have been using a legato powered electric bicycle for three years. It seems to be not as powerful as it use to be even with a new battery. Could you service the bicycle, would it need a new (front wheel) motor and how expensive would this be. Henry

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